Thursday, March 29, 2007

Martha Breaks Ground on New Homes

KB Home broke ground earlier this week on the new 92-home Martha Stewart-inspired Terrane Vista development in Los Angeles County, California. Surprisingly, they hope to have the project completed by early summer. This is the first KB Home/Martha Stewart project in that area, although they are going to sprout up nationwide.

The development will feature one- and two-story homes that have rich, stone-decorated fronts and kitchen islands and prices will start in the low-$300,000 range. Compared to prices here in New Jersey, that's quite the bargain!

"It's unique," said Lancaster Mayor Henry Hearns, who attended the groundbreaking ceremony. "These aren't the kind of homes that we normally see out here." Hearns said he views the development as a potential boon for a neighborhood where business growth has been conspicuously absent. "This is going to help us economically," Hearns said. "It's going to attract retail business, it's going to attract restaurants and it's going to attract jobs. They're going to come here because of this type of community."

City Manager Bob Lasala said, "KB and Martha Stewart (Living Omnimedia) have made a good business decision. They're the ones who evaluated this and said this makes sense, and that speaks well of this city."

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