Thursday, March 22, 2007

Martha's Food Is Out of This World

. . . or at least it will be when former Microsoft Engineer Charles Simonyi launches from Kazakhstan on April 7 aboard a Soyus spacecraft bound for the International Space Station.

Simonyi, who developed Word and Excel, is bringing a special dinner to share with the astronauts on the space station -- one that's been designed by Martha Stewart herself. He's the fifth person to embark on a space tourism experience with Space Adventures.

“I am really looking forward to sharing this dinner with my crewmates on the station,” Simonyi said. “Although the food is very good there, it is somewhat basic, and after a couple of weeks, everything starts tasting the same. I am certain a little variation will be surely welcome.”

Here's the menu:
  • quail roasted in Madiran wine
  • duck breast 'confit' with capers
  • shredded chicken parmentier
  • apple fondant pieces
  • rice pudding with candied fruit
  • semolina cake with dried apricots
You can read more at Simonyi's blog, Charles in Space.

Photo from the Charles Simonyi Fund website.

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