Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Keri Russell on Martha Stewart

Actress, newlywed and very-soon-mom-to-be Keri Russell made an appearance this week on Martha Stewart's show, and together they paid adorable animal nightlights. Keri is perhaps most popular for her role in the WB's long-running series Felicity. She also acted in Mission Impossible III, and is in the upcoming movie, Waitress.

Animal Night-Light
This adorable animal night-light makes the perfect addition to any nursery.

Tools and Materials
Medium bowl
Paper towel
Natural cheese-cloth
8-inch-diameter round lampshade bottom wire
Fabric stiffener
Spray bottle
Decoupage gel
Colored tissue paper
Turtle template
Elephant template (coming soon)
Green card stock paper
Mat knife
Green tongue depressors
Black marker
Google eyes, optional
Bulb stand
7.5 watt bulb

Animal Night-Light How-To
1. Rest an air-filled balloon in a medium bowl to hold in place.

2. Using a paper towel, grease balloon surface with oil.

3. Using natural cheese-cloth, trim ends to make a large circle. Mold onto top half of balloon. Smooth out surface, to prevent bumps.

4. Place an 8-inch-diameter round bottom wire over balloon.

5. Spray natural cheese-cloth with fabric stiffener made from 1 part water and 1 part fabric stiffener.

6. Trim hanging excess cheese-cloth to even out length.

7. Fold excess cheese-cloth up and over wire to enclose it, and create a finished rim. Let dry 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

8. Using decoupage gel, coat cheese cloth.

9. Cover dome with triangle-cut tissue paper (for base color). Once tissue paper is in place, seal with decoupage gel.

10. Place precut segment on dome top. Use decoupage gel to adhere. Place second precut segment on top of first. Add more gel to seal segments in place. Repeat process for remaining segments.

11. If necessary, apply another coat of decoupage gel and allow to dry 30 minutes.

12. Poke hole in balloon to let it deflate slowly. Remove balloon.

13. Glue on seam binding.

14. Download and print turtle template; cut out shapes. Using green card stock paper, cut out shapes for head, feet, and tail.

15. Using a mat knife, cut green tongue depressors to 1 inch in length. Attach to paper using glue. Attach remaining foot to shade.

16. While flat, draw eyes using black marker or attach google eyes. Fold head to slight cone shape to add dimension. Attach to shade with glue.

17. Place shade over bulb stand with 7.5 watt bulb.

The following supplies were used: 8-inch round lampshade bottom, Wire #1402 from, natural cheese cloth from Whole Foods, light bulb base from Sunrise Lighting (Phone: 212-268-8505). Visit Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels craft stores or at for the following: decoupage glue and sealer with brush applicator (4 ounces for $3.99), art and craft glue (4 ounces for $2.99), seam binding (12 inches for $2.99), card stock (12-foot-by12-inch, 24 pieces per pack for $10.99), and tissue paper (20-inch-by-30-inch, 6 pieces per pack for $2.99).

Photo from Celebrity Moms.

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