Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Newsstand Alert: Body + Soul Magazine

The newest issue of Body + Soul magazine (October) hit newsstands last week and it's been deemed the "worry-free issue." I'm all for that!

From the mag, did you know...
- Resting for 20 minutes between half-hour workouts burns more fat than exercising for an hour nonstop (p. 3).

- Your toothpaste could be toxic? We’ve found the best products to brighten your smile and freshen your breath (p. 50).

“Yoga has found its way into every corner of our modern lives – from schools to hospitals to gyms. Our yoga guide helps readers access the amazing benefits of this ancient practice in a way that best suits their personal goals.”
-- Jennifer Barrett, Executive Editor

Highlights include:

Cravings: Crack down on cravings with a healthy all-day eating plan and nourishing snacks (p. 62).

Stop Worrying: Our experts identify six types of worriers and show you how to get a handle on your hand-wringing (p. 104).

Eco-wine: The complete guide to sustainable wine: what to buy, where to taste, and how to read the labels (p. 130).

Role reversal: Life coach Cheryl Richardson on handling the challenges that come with caring for an ailing parent (p. 41).

Stop Fighting: Relationship expert Susan Piver on how to stop conflict before it starts (p. 98).

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