Monday, December 10, 2007

Product Review: Embossed Snowflake Edge Punch

This wonderful little device is both a punch and an embosser, and I found it perfect for embellishing holiday gifts in a very shipping-friendly and time-friendly way. I send a great many gifts around the country, and I have four kids, so my gift wrap choices need to be fast and crushproof. This punch/embosser came to the rescue.

In one case, I cut a strip of the same gift wrap that I used on the present, punched it, and flipped it over. Then I taped it down so that the red showed through the punches in the strip. The embossing may not show up so well in my picture, but trust me it’s quite nice. One of the great features of this punch is that it has the pattern repeated on either side of the actual punch mechanism. This lets you evenly space (or continuously punch) the pattern along a strip by lining up the design with the printed one.

This handy gadget would also be nice as a single enhancement to a plain rectangle of heavy card stock, which could be used as a gift tag. Strips of paper (tissue, or somewhat heavier) could be used to make garland; you could use patterned scissors to cut the edges of the strips to finish them. It would also be great to use in creating winter- or holiday-themed scrapbook pages.

You can find this punch, plus tons of other great craft supplies at Martha Stewart: Crafts(
Punch photo from Martha Stewart

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