Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cute Up Your Office


Yes, I'll admit it...I'm one of those people: I like everything around me to look cute. Whether it be the handwriting on a card or my grocery list, I want it to be pinch-those-cheeks adorable. So a couple of weeks ago on The Martha Stewart Show when they made little notebooks out of scrap paper from their offices I thought , "Perfect! Now even the scribble-y notes to myself can be cutsy!"

Here's a quick Pictorial on how I made my "Scrap Book."
(Scroll over the photos for quick instructions or View full video instructions here: "My Commitment.Org")

Book Supplies
Supplies (for two books):
25 sheets of scrap paper with one side blank (I got mine from the scrap paper pile at work, too)
Paper cutter (or very steady hands to cut with scissors)
Card Stock (2 sheets)
2 Large Paper Clips
Stapler (that can staple through 30 sheets or more of paper)
Double Stick Tape
Pretty Scrapbook paper
Bone Scorer

Cut scraps in half Add card stock and clip to stablize

Mark where to staple Staple

Double stick tape Add a pretty cover

Score the edges to open easier You gotta book!
This isn't quite as easy as they make it look on TV...but it's worth it.

Here's one hint that I wished I'd had on this first book: when they cut the scrapbooking paper for the cover, they talk about cutting it a little shorter than the 8 1/2 inches (down from the 12x12 sheet)...but really you need to cut it a little longer. That way you'll have some overlapping at the end that you can trim to match the page size perfectly.

I actually plan on making several more of these - we have so much scrap paper at work that just keeps piling up near my desk. This first one will be my flea market wish list, and I can write down everything I want to look for when I go this Sunday.

What I use mine for...

Also, this past weekend, I picked up Good Things for Kids: Crafts, and they had more very cute things to make for my office.

Cereal Box Organizer
Old cereal box
Wrapping Paper

Cereal Box Materials Cut the size & shape you want

Wrap it up like a present The inside doesn't have to be pretty

...and Matching Pencils!
(the original project called for painting the pencil, but I was out of paint so I improvised.)
Wrapping Paper

Pencil Materials Cut the Paper

Tape it to the Pencil Glue it down


What are some of your favorite office crafts from Martha?


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Cate said...

Ok, YOU need to come over to my office and help cute it up and organize! :)