Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weddings for the Non-Bride

Since the sad announcement that Blueprint would no longer exist on its own, I had been trying to convince myself that it would finally be okay to buy Martha Stewart Weddings again…even though it has been over five years since my own wedding. So I did it…I bought that rose-covered, icing-coated, gorgeous 432-page magazine last week from my local grocery and hurried home to devour it cover to cover. And you know what? If you skip past the wedding ads, there are lots of good things for everyday living.

In the winter issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, check out…

*Sugar Babies Leave it to the Marvelous Martha to make the dessert table more than just that wedding cake. Not planning a wedding soon? Then it’s high time for High Tea! Create cake squares using John Barricelli's carrot cake recipe, and then cut into 2x2 bite-sized squares. Or make petite tarts using tart shells, vanilla-bean pastry cream, and seasonal fruit. And for the very traditional baker, Classic Petite Fours. Then brew up some tea, pull out that wedding china that never sees the light of day, and invite the ladies over for the afternoon.
(for all Sugar Baby Recipes, see the How-To section of MS Weddings/Winter)

*Regional Favors Instead of favors for your wedding guests, use this regional guide for creating gift baskets for friends and family members that no longer live in their beloved home state. Fill a basket full of local eats, a bouquet of the state flower, the last few issues from their hometown newspaper, and, if you’re a local, some photographs of their favorite places.

*In Full Flower You don’t need a wedding as an excuse to give your make-up an overhaul. Let Mother Nature be your make-up artist with influence from one of her greatest creations: flowers. Choose from pink roses & scabiosas, purple phalaenopsis & orchids, red carnations & gladiolus, or sun-kissed dahlias & garden roses. For this pale skin of mine, I’m gonna give the true romance of pink roses & scabiosas a try.

Photos from MarthaStewart.com


Joobie said...

That regional flavors basket thing is a great idea -- something I could use for my exiled-to-Europe best friend or far-flung Mom and Grandma. See, I knew there was a reason I read wedding magazines! ;)

Cate said...

I've always been tempted to pick up a copy of her weddings magazine - think you just convinced me it was ok. ;)