Friday, February 1, 2008

Martha Stewart Crafts: Cookie Envelopes

We’ve been invited over to a friend’s house for dinner on Saturday night, and my son thought it would be nice to take each family member a cookie. In the past I’ve wrapped things like this in foil or plastic, or maybe put them in a plastic container if I was getting really fancy. However, thanks to Martha Stewart Crafts, I have a much nicer presentation package in which to offer them this time. These are Cookie Envelopes, and they’d also be perfect for special Valentine’s Day treats, since they come in both pink and red. They’re pre-folded and come with To/From stickers to keep them closed. They’re available through the Martha Stewart Crafts website. There are also dozens more really cute food packing ideas—cupcake boxes, printed tissue, and even a heart-shaped box to hold your own Valentine’s Day confections! I hope our friends like peanut butter cookies—that’s what’s in these little packages!

Martha Stewart Crafts Cookie Envelopes come 8 to a package (four each of pink and red) plus 8 self-adhesive labels.

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Holler said...

How cool is that? Bet they don't deliver to the uk! Nice idea though.