Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Inside a Black Apple

Who caught The Martha Stewart Show yesterday? If you missed it, you need to watch This Video to catch Emily Martin, crafter/artist extraordinaire, create some of the most adorable dolls ever to grace the Martha Stewart Show.

Emily who is widely known among the etsy crowd for her quirky paintings, prints, and paperie type goods can also be found at her blog, Inside a Black Apple. And those interested more in clothes than crafts should check out her "fashion-y blog" Some Girls Wander.

Let's just say I have been completely inspired by her creativity - and her wardrobe - I'm such a wanna-be. : ) In fact, in my studio sits two of her prints, Mysterious Genevieve & Mon petit Amelie, watching over me as I work.

Please go to etsy and check out one of Martha (& My) Favorites:
Emily Martin of The Black Apple.

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dianeinjapan said...

I love Emily's work, too! She's definitely an Etsy favorite of mine!