Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Welcome New Members!

You might have noticed some new Martha writers around the site recently. We have added a number of new Martha fans here on Mad About Martha, so here's a little rundown on some of the new voices you'll be seeing around here:

Diane Clark lives, and sorts trash into various pre-assigned categories, in a rented Japanese mini-castle with her husband, a civilian teacher on a U.S. military base, and their two children. When she's not part-time homeschooling or running her kids around to school and lessons, Diane is writing essays, planning a new Asian adventure, soaking up some kind of culture, digging through her burgeoning bedside library, or working toward the Martha-esque title of Super-Homemaker. She also takes furtive photographs and aspires to be a crafter. Diane blogs about her varied interests here.

I've loved Martha for as long as I can remember. I have all her early books and a lifetime subscription to Living. The love has been passed on to my husband and our four children: a 10 year old, a 9 year old and 2 year old twins. I'm a stay-at-home mom who loves to cook, sew, knit and craft ... if Martha makes it, I'll try to copy it! Dukes and Duchesses is my personal blog where I discuss life as I see it and live it.

Lela Davidson is a full time mother and writer. Like many women, she piles way too much on her plate, leaving little time for the finer side of domesticity, but she has her moments. The odd salmon is poached, but Lela is most grateful for the simple recipes in Everyday Food. Hours of Martha are watched and pages are clipped, but who cares if the projects actually get completed? It’s the thought that counts. Lela’s just happy that Martha and her masses never run out of great ideas.

You can find Lela at home on After the Bubbly or writing about business, parenting, and lifestyle on various websites including Business Pundit, HubPages, Parenting Squad, and People Jam.

She also wields a mean glue gun and is available for Martha's craft segment anytime.

Misty Wagner is a freelance journalist coming to us originally from the South West. Having spent the majority of the past decade covering the entertainment industry, she has gone on to write several non-entertainment related articles, as well as completing a novel. Among her many passions are Interior Design, Photography, Culinary Arts, Paper Crafting, Reading and Travel. You can keep up with the more everyday moments of her life at here.

Misty first fell in love with Martha Stewart as a young bride of 18. Having had a less than ideal childhood, she was suddenly "introduced" to this amazing woman who seemed to be able to make, create or find inspiration in just about anything. It was all stemming from Martha that Misty fell in love with cooking, design, party planning and organization.

In 1995, while watching her first Martha Stewart holiday special, Robin Wheeler-Barber became obsessed with the idea of a Styrofoam wreath form, studded with fresh cranberries. So obsessed that she scrounged every store in town in search of the issue of "Martha Stewart Living" with the wreath on the cover. Because that's exactly what every 24-year-old college drop-out living in a two-room basement apartment needs - wreaths made from fresh berries. In the following years Robin attended culinary school, wrote a monthly column in a regional food magazine and taught culinary classes. By 2002 she was operating a small catering company from her home, a la Martha. Robin put her plans for her media empire on hold in 2005 after the birth of her daughter.

These days, she writes about her life at Poppymom. She's Robin 1 on the food blog Frigidare Pair with her friend Robin 2, where they focus on turning conventional recipes into homemade convenience foods. On the Well Fed Network, her writing can be found on A Nice Cuppa, Kids Cuisine, Growers and Grocers, The Cook's Kitchen, and Paper Palate. She still hasn't made that cranberry wreath.

Welcome everyone!


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