Friday, April 25, 2008

Stop Hurting Me, Martha!

Dear Martha,

I started young. Right out of college, I found Martha Stewart Living in a grocery store and sensed I'd hit upon something good. In fact, before I knew it, I was a charter subscriber who was hooked--reading every page and soaking it all in.

I loved finding out how to build my own classical music library, and I happily memorized names of the various styles of sofas. I knew next to nothing about gardening, but suddenly I was learning about peony varieties and heirloom tomatoes. I'd never seen dish soap decanted into lovely glass bottles, but once I had my first kitchen, I wouldn't have dreamed of leaving my liquid in its original plastic housing. I loved this new world of homekeeping I'd discovered just by happening upon a magazine. Things were going well.

But then you went and made more great magazines--ones that hooked me as much as MSL, but that ended up doing the unthinkable: they went away. I'm speaking, of course, of the beloved Kids and the hip and modern Blueprint. Both of these publications gave me what I felt was missing in the otherwise-comprehensive MSL: a younger, edgier vibe. This appealed to me as a new parent and owner of an accumulating array of household kitsch and quirk that would certainly never make the pages of the more-sedate MSL.

I enjoyed these sister publications more than I care to say, and I simply can't fathom what would make them leave the scene. Surely everyone could see how wonderful they were! I admit it--I've not taken their demise well, but I know I'm not alone. I, and many other readers out there, don't really understand why they didn't make it for the long haul. Please tell me that Everyday Food and Body & Soul won't go the same route--I'm pretty sure I couldn't stand the pain.

Disappointed but Loyal

P.S. At least Bluelines is sticking around--I can console myself with that. And the Good Things for Kids series is a very good thing indeed.


Anonymous said...

i miss MS Kids so much!! I bought some old issues off of ebay last summer. ::sigh::

Abbey said...

You have no idea how sad I am now that Blueprint is gone. I have every single issue and extra copies of some. I got SO many ideas from it and wished and prayed that it wouldn't go away.