Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Craft of the Week :: Mother's Day Edition

Homemade Soap - could there be a better Mother's Day craft? What woman doesn't love a pretty display of soap? Plus, a bonus for you, it's quick, easy, and a great clean-up!

For the Martha version, she calls for using grass, but I actually prefer to use the vast amounts of lavender I have growing in my yard. But a quick note, make sure that you have dried whatever plant you want to add to your soap.

Step One :: Cut the glycerin soap cube into small pieces and melt in the microwave. Best advice on how to do this? Follow directions on the soap's packaging.
Bar of Glycerin Soap Cut & Melt

Step 2 :: Fill your molds halfway up. (I used mini pie plates as molds because I wanted more of a rounded look.) Place plant on top and spray with rubbing alcohol. (The alcohol gets rid of any bubbles that sit on top of the soap as it solidifies - photo on right shows what happens when you don't spray the alcohol.)
Fill halfway, spray with alcohol, add plantWhat happens when you don't spray alcohol

Step 3 :: Fill your mold to the top and, again, spray with rubbing alcohol. Place the molds in the refrigerator to quicken the solidifying process. Depending on your fridge - leave them inside about an hour.
Fill to top, spray with alcohol

And now you have a finished soap!
Finished Soap

To make a pretty presentation for your mom, wrap up several of your bars in cellophane, place them on a cute dish, and add a sentimental card.
Wrap it up in cellophane, add a ribbon and a card

Mom will love her made-with-love bathroom accent!


Mom said...

Is it for me?? I certainly will!

Love you too.

Simply Stork said...

what a great craft to do for mother's day :o)