Thursday, June 12, 2008

Martha's Hand-Towel Beach Bag

When I saw Martha's pattern for a hand-towel beach bag, I knew I'd be whipping up a few of these this summer. I want one for myself but it's also a perfect bag for my girls ... my nine-year-old can carry her own goggles, sunscreen and towel to the water park. I tried the pattern for the first time this week and it truly was a quick and simple project.
I deviated slightly from Martha's version: my daughter chose a narrower ribbon so I doubled up, using two pieces rather than one, and I sewed the handles in permanently rather than using a Velcro closure that would allow for removal and easy washing (this bag will be dragged through the trenches on the arm of a nine-year-old and the handles are going right into the washing machine attached to the bag!). I would've preferred a clear or wooden handle but these solid black ones appealed to my daughter (had I used wooden handles, I would recommend using Martha's Velcro technique ... wood and washing machines aren't the best mix.)
I love the versatility of this pattern. I plan to make a smaller version (using a washcloth) for my toddler and a large one (using a bath towel) for myself. A comment on Martha's website also suggested using this as a fun gift bag ... who wouldn't love to get a gift wrapped in that?

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