Monday, May 5, 2008

Mother's Day Jelly Bean Flower Arrangement

Mother's Day is but a week away and Martha has a simple but fun flower arrangement idea.

You will need:
1 bunch flowers
2 vases, they should nest inside one another
1 bag jelly beans, either all one color or a variety to compliment the color of your flowers

Martha instructs us to:

"Center the smaller vase inside the larger one. Roll a piece of paper into a funnel, and carefully pour the jelly beans into the space between the two vases. Fill the smaller vase halfway with a solution of one gallon water, one teaspoon sugar, and a few drops of bleach; be careful not to get the jelly beans wet.

Remove all the foliage from the tulips, and keeping the blooms even, gather the stems into your hand and fasten them with a rubber band. Cut the stems to a length of five to six inches long, and carefully insert them into the smaller vase. Check the water level daily, adding more as needed."

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