Thursday, June 5, 2008

Martha Kids :: Father's Day Cards

Father's Day is coming up quickly and the June issue of Martha Stewart Living had a cute and simple Father's Day card spotlighted under Good Things. The card is fashioned to look like a shirt cuff - perfect for those hard-working dads!
The supplies are basic: solid colored construction paper cut to size, rubber stamps, buttons and wire. The buttons are attached cuff-link style and slide through a slit in the card (getting the button through the slit was probably the most difficult part of the process).

This is an easy card for kids to make and the supplies are likely already hiding in the house somewhere. Dig them out and let the little ones make something special for dad!


Abbey said...

I remember seeing these in her magazine(?), and thinking how cute they were!

Love 'em!!

Misty said...

i love these! Fantastic Idea!