Saturday, June 14, 2008


This past week, as Graduation parties came to a close, we had one last birthday party to throw. When planning an impromptu dinner party, where else would we turn to but Martha?
Our theme was Dinner & A Movie, and it was a success!

From the barbecued Papaya Beef, Garlic & Mushroom Kababs served on China to the Peanut MnM's & Popcorn crunches as we watched The Bachelor and the Bobysoxer, classic movie style, with a projector.

Martha's style is always impeccably classic, and inspirational to any party planner, anywhere.

When I saw the template for this banner here, I knew that I'd struck Gold, party wise. So versatile, it prints out the entire alphabet along with punctuation! For parties past, I'd spend hours and hours creating banners, but this one was sized, printed, cut out and assembled in less than one!

We got so many compliments on the banner, and our dear birthday girl loved it! We're co-planning an alphabet themed party for a friend's sons birthday and decided we are going to print the same letters off, laminate them and use them in several different ways. Really, it could even been used for scrapbook or card making!


Cate said...

Beautiful table setting - you've done Martha proud!

modmom said...

looks great!

(p.s. i just found your darling blog + i'm excited to share with you other martha-philes that i just recorded a podcast interview with martha's right hand man + creative genius kevin sharkey + it's been edited + sent for martha's approval (the producer said it had a lot of background noise the were trying to clean up for martha's high quality standards, so i'm on the edge of my seat with a glimmer of hope, she'll approve it next week or atleast let me re-record my questions in a more quiet place. either way, it was such an honor for her to approve me to interview kevin about her new eco-friendly carpet tile line. wish me luck!) said...

Great stuff.
I like your blog and all your scrappy things.

Look forward to reading more.
I love it!!!! Thank you very much!