Friday, August 15, 2008

Blogging Martha: Linkapalooza

Whatever, Martha!  Fine Living Network with be hosting vintage Martha shows a la Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Take some old school Martha vids...add some snarky comments... and viola! you've got some seriously awesome tv!  (look for it to air mid-september)

Blueberries Galore!  Learn to Stamp and Scrap with Lynn is feeling like Martha Stewart as she bakes her day away.

Denver is all in a tizzy because Martha is coming to town!  She comes to celebrate KB Home Stapleton II: Homes Created with Martha Stewart.  Live in Denver?  Go check out the party.  Oh...and get me her autograph!  Have it say, "To My Dear Friend Abbey..."

She Runs, She Eats says that Martha has Great Buns.  Get the amazing recipe over there to let your buns steal the show at your next barbecue!

Martha's Crafts continue to be celebrated over at Stickers & Stuff.

And who can forget how much everyone loves Martha's Blue Collection at Macy's?  They're still talking about it over at Gourmand Ambition!

There's a new ebook release over at!  And that would be M's Cookbook:  The New Classics. (Do you think she cares if I call her M?  It's so Gossip B.  What?  Martha's Hip!  She'll love it, I promise!)

There Went the Bride loves the Favor Boxes for her wedding.  So Cute!  I wish that stuff had been around when I got married!

The Lazy Environmentalist heads over to Martha Radio to talk Green Fashion!  Vert Chic!

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog :) Thanks for posting my link...more martha ideas coming soon!

therewentthebride...(soon to be bridalinquirer)!