Friday, September 12, 2008

Blogging Martha: Linkapalooza

Who's invited? The Huffington Post says WE ALL ARE! Let's visit Martha's farm for her season premiere! shares Martha's shoe-care tips.  If I didn't buy all my shoes at Payless, I'd follow these religiously!

Martha returns to QVC?  The QVC Community discusses how AMAZING that would be!

Bread & Honey create Martha's beautiful strawberry "bandana" tart.  Can you believe the detail on the crust??

Who better to have a bio over at Perfect People than Miss Martha herself?

Are you a SuperMom?  If so, Julian1st tells us that Martha wants YOU!

Frugal Shopping with Julie gives a little secret on how to get a discount on Martha Stewart Living magazine!

The Domestic Goddess wishes she were Martha...don't we all...and was a baking machine today - making ginger snaps, Martha's apple pie, and Pate Brisee.  Yum!  Can we come over for dinner?

Get a sneak peek of "Whatever, Martha!" over at the AV Club and witness Martha's offspring being very snarky about her! So Harsh, Alexis!!  (But still a good laugh!)

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