Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Live Blogging From Mad About Martha

To say that it wasn't an easy journey to the Martha Stewart Show today would be the understatement of the century. I missed my train (those who know me know that is pretty much par for the course), then missed the train after that. Fortunately, I made the next train which should have gotten in at 8:14. It didn't. It was 15 minutes late. I was due here at 8:30. Late city. But all is well and I am in the audience room waiting.

So the lineup sounds a little differently from the preview. Mattbites is here along with a design blogger, two guys from Politico and Margaret Roach...oh yea, and Perez Hilton (not to be confused with Paris Hilton). Word has it we might get a little swag on our way out as well.

UPDATE - 9:36 a.m.
Seated now. upper right. I am wearing pink, like one of my tweet friends suggested. I am sitting next to one of the ladies from List Mama. She also writes 100 Days to Christmas (gotta send a little link love to the other girl in pink!).

The audience is getting prepped right now for the show. Joey, the warm up guy, is a trip.

UPDATE - 9:58 a.m.
2 mins to show time! Apparently in NY, the show doesn't air until 11 -- we are taping now!

So the set here, it looks a lot like you see on TV -- except it's huge.

Is primer pronounced prim-er? Not Prime - er? That's how Martha said it, never heard it pronounced like that before. Learn new things everyday, eh?

Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen was just introduced -- can't see her though. Oh, there she is. She estimates traffic at -- get this -- 1 million a month.

UPDATE - 10:06 a.m.
Swag! Audience is getting Cute Overload's calendar. The blogger behind that is here. She is so pretty!

More swag! A Year of Mornings book. It's so cool to be here.

Perez is next!!!

We are entering the second segment in 5 seconds. (Pause for applause.)

Perez Hilton started blogging in 2004 -- today, he gets 9 million hits per day. Can't I just say Oh My God. He is wearing a fantastic striped shirt and these interesting shiny gray pants. I just can't get into the shiny material for pants thing. Sorry Perez.

Perez is a total success story. It is simply amazing that he could move his mom to LA and employ his sister as his assistant. I so, so, so want that lifestyle. What blogger doesn't? Oooh. Cool tidbit -- his real name is Mario.

Tips from Perez:

  1. Find a niche and do something that will help you stand out.
  2. Be prepared to work hard. Perez puts in 15-16 hours a day. Holy cow. I don't think a food blogger need to do that so much...but spending time on your writing is key for sure.
Was there a third one? I zoned for a second. Sorry folks.

We're in break again. Music playing. I spotted Food Maven near me, hi Rachel!

Getting ready for Matt of MattBites to be on. He is such a photography rockstar! You have to check out his site and drool. He gets 50-60k a month (in hits to his blog). It's a lot but is paled by Perez.

Is anyone else so totally loving the robin's egg blue Kitchen Aid? I want one! I really, really want one! Macy's has a whole line of robin's egg blue gear from Martha.

Matt made teaching Martha to cook so incredibly easy. What great poise.

UPDATE - 10:27 a.m.
Do those cookies sound devastatingly delish or what?

Martha tidbit: She's coming out with a cupcake cookbook next.

Eddie Ross from The Design Blog is next. He's also on Top Design. Talking about flea market finds. Love the idea of flea marketing, though I rarely go. Oooh -- clip on earrings become magnets. Great idea! Sounds like a good Etsy business.

Vintage postcards too.

UPDATE - 10:40 a.m.
Did Martha just call her Sharon Palin? That's a pretty big and unexpected gaffe for her.

She admitted her mistake.

So Politico bloggers are on. Love Politico. Do you think it's odd to have political bloggers on Martha Stewart? I don't. It's a blogging show after all. More odd that there are no mommy bloggers on the list.

Martha admits that it is odd that McCain doesn't use the latest methods of communication. I couldn't agree more. It really would be weird to have a president who doesn't use computers, email, etc. Embrace the change, McCain!

UPDATE - 10:46 a.m.
What great company to be in here. It's amazing to look around and know that I am surrounded by some of the greatest wordsmiths in the blogosphere today.

A Way to Garden's Margaret Roach is on. She uses a Nikon SLR to photograph. Lovely photos on her blog. I can't imagine gardening that much though. She just called her frog boys "sexy beasts." That's a little weird. IMHO, of course.

Another mention of sex. Hmm.

UPDATE - 10:55 a.m.
Thank you HP for our wireless printers!!!!

Ok, so that's it folks. Hope you enjoyed the show. This was great fun.


Randi said...

I can't wait to watch it ... so glad for the inside view from you!

Shakti said...

how super cool that you get to be that close up to martha!!!

Mokona said...

I think Perez's third thing was don’t be afraid to network, or something like that.

It was on live here in Michigan, I am so envious that you're there! How awesome! :D

Kristen said...

Oh how fun. I totally forgot to Tivo it and it was at 10am here. Dangit. You'll have to let me know when/if it will be shown again!

Deborah said...

I was there too. Watching it again and working on an article. Seeing myself in the audience many times, weird. Matt Bites is on right now. Martha is no dummy, spotlight the blogs that are in her circle. If she's going to advertise blogs, might as well advertise the ones that make her money.

Jennifer said...

Hi! List Mama here. Very cool to be in the audience - not that any of my family or friends ever saw me :-( Can't wait to get my new printer!!


Jennifer said...

Hi! List Mama here. Very cool to be a part of Martha's studio audience - not that any of my family or friends ever saw me on TV :-( I can't wait to get my new printer!!


Susie said...

Awesome live blogging!! Wish we knew you were there bc it would have been fabulous to meet you. Next time :) :)


We Are Not Martha said...

Awesome live blogging!! Wish we knew you were there bc it would have been fabulous to meet you. Next time :) :)