Thursday, October 2, 2008

Body + Soul :: Pillowcase Bag

I am far from "green" in the way I live my life but I'm beginning to take some baby steps to get there. For this reason, I liked the idea of the Pillowcase Bag in the October 2008 issue of Body + Soul. I can't yet imagine using cloth market bags to get my weekly groceries (there are only so many cloth bags I can drag around!) but I thought this would be a great bag to keep in my car for quick grocery or pharmacy stops. Baby steps, right?

This bag (doubly green because it's recycled from a used pillowcase) was easy to sew and whipped up quickly - it's a great project even for the beginner seamstress. Should I get really green, I could make a bunch in an afternoon. I used a quality (but used) pillowcase for this project since a high thread count will obviously make a sturdier bag.

I'm pleased with the final outcome - a fairly heavy-duty, washable bag just perfect for running errands.