Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Fun :: Cheddar Cobwebs and Slime Rickeys

I love fun, festive, holiday treats and I'm always drawn to those types of recipes. They're such an easy way to add memories to a holiday.

The October 2008 issue of Everyday Food featured Cheddar Cobwebs and Slime Rickeys (click on the titles for a direct link to the recipes). The perfect refreshment for busy jack-o-lantern carvers!

Despite a few "oops" moments (I didn't plan on freezing the grapes and was thankful those juicy things freeze quickly, and I realized I was out of parchment to line the cookie sheet), this snack was simple and quite good.

If you decide to make this, keep a close eye on those cobwebs - mine took about half of Martha's suggested baking time. They were also easier to remove from the baking sheet after sitting for a few minutes, rather than immediately as Martha suggested.

The best part? The frozen (or partially frozen) grapes move wildly throughout the beverage - my kids thought that was "awesome". Grab the ingredients and serve these before the kiddos head out trick-or-treating tomorrow!

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Alexa said...

Those look like fun Halloween foods to make. My kids would enjoy them.
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. In answer to your question:
I use a small pentax camera. It's not that recent but it takes great pictures. Have a happy Halloween!