Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mad About Eddie

We all know and love Martha, but what some of us might not know is that Martha Stewart spends each and every day surrounded by creative, talented people who have contributed to the empire that she’s built.

At Mad About Martha, we’re taking you behind the scenes at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia to introduce you to some the finest minds in style, fashion and food.

This week, we’re talking to Eddie Ross, Senior Style Editor of Martha Stewart Living Magazine and his own style blog, Eddie, who has a passion for fashion and an eye for design has been inspiring lifestyle in the pages of Living Magazine for 2 1/2 years.

Look familiar? You might recognize Eddie from Season 2 of Bravo’s Top Design.

With a degree from the Culinary Institute, Eddie began his career as a food editor on the television show Martha Stewart Living. After running his own catering company for two years, Eddie returned to publishing, landing at Living Magazine, where he spends his days flexing his creativity by styling the pages of Living for readers on any budget.

Q: Eddie, we all love Martha! What’s the best editorial assignment you’ve had working for Living?
This is a hard question, because I’ve had the opportunity to go to so many amazing places to look for great pieces, but I think my personal favorite is the first assignment I ever had at the magazine. I did a shelf bracket story in a September issue, and since it was my first piece I just really wanted it to shine.

Q: What’s your favorite part of being a style editor?
In the style department, you have your hands in every aspect of the magazine. From crafts and decorating to cooking and gardening, there are so many different types of style out there. One of my favorite things to do is work on flower arrangements, but I also love that when I’m looking at furniture and antiques, there is really something for all of our readers, whether they like new or old items and no matter what they’re willing to spend.

Q: What’s a typical day in the office like for you?
Well, when we get to work in the morning we review assignments and then I spend most of my day on-the-go: visiting the marketplace and attending press events to pick up ideas for propping and styling shopping photo shoots for the pages of the magazine.

Q: When you were growing up, did you always want to be in publishing?
Absolutely. I’ve always wanted to work for a magazine. When I was in culinary school, I didn’t even know that a position called ‘style editor’ existed. I just think the idea of creating lifestyle is great.

Q: What do you hope Living readers learn from you?
Well, there are just so many resources out there for people who are interested I design. I like to spread the message that you don’t need a huge budget to create a beautiful lifestyle. Sometimes all it takes is a coat of paint to make a unique piece of furniture your own. My advice is when in doubt, just paint it.

Q: We’ve read your blog and know that our readers are dying to know, what made you start blogging?
My partner Jaithan and I started the blog after Top Design just as a diary of our weekend life. I love what I do and I hope my blog inspires people to live a better life. I love hearing feedback from readers about how they’ve been motivated by some of my ideas and designs.

Q: Eddie, what advice would you give to brand new bloggers?
Do what you love. Find something you’re passionate about and know that there are also other people out there who are interested in the exact same thing.

Not only is Eddie a genius behind the pages of Living, he’s an expert trend spotter. You can check out some of Eddie’s purchases in the “Object of The Day” column on his blog, where he highlights specific items that he’s found in his travels. I love the Wedgwood Tea Set from the Antiques Garage on 26th Street and just might have to pay a visit there myself.

What are some of YOUR favorite antiques?


Sarah said...

Great Post...Love Eddie on Top Design...Thanks for sharing!!

Abbey said...

Eek! I looove Eddie!

My personal favorite of my own antiques is the china cabinet that I bought from my neighbor in a yard sale. It was a fantastic deal and it is just SO my style. It's probably my favorite piece in the house.

My China Cabinet

Shelley said...

Hi Maris! Thanks for the comment on my blog about the butternut soup! Yours sounds good, too! I'm off to make some leek soup now. :)

I saw Eddie on the blogging show...he's adorable! And so crafty and interesting! Love your blog....its so informative!