Thursday, October 16, 2008

Too Early?

Okay, I know that Halloween is still over two weeks away, but is anyone else excited about the special Martha Stewart Holiday issue that just came out? When I found it in my bookstore today, I literally lost my breath, oohh'd out loud, and snatched it off the if there weren't ten more behind it.

I love this time of year! Yes, I love it for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but, really, I'm just excited for the Christmas build-up.

And during the Christmas season there's nothing I love more than making gifts...esp. when money is tight. (Hello trying to buy a house in Silicon Valley!) But what makes a homemade gift even more special is making a statement with the wrapping. Isn't it an exciting feeling to see a beautifully wrapped gift under the tree and thinking, "Wow...that's looks great. I know so-and-so is just going to love it!" or "Oh! I hope that's for me."

So take a cue from the crafty genius of Martha and her little elves
and get those Christmas Bells a-ringin' for all your beautifully wrapped gifts!


Sara Christine said...

What gorgeous gifts! It's all about presentation!

Ashley said...

I have the special Holiday issue from two years ago and I can't get enough of it! I was just flipping through it the other day -- SO many good ideas. I hope this one is just as fantastic. Can't wait to pick it up!


Hi Abbey! I love your site! I've put a link on mine to yours. I love the new holiday issue (and another one on the way in November!) I'll be using a few of those ideas this year for sure.