Friday, November 7, 2008

Blogging Martha: Linkapalooza

House Blends has a few online holiday treats from Martha! 

Oh Preppy Sue!  I'm loving those Gift Baskets, too!!

Fields of Heather lets us know that Martha's Thanksgiving Workshop Begins!!

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere!  Check out Martha's Glitter Kits over at Craft Critique.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Kim Vallee shows us The Art of Decorative Piecrust Making from Martha.

Martha + Flor Carpeting makes one happy Mod*Mom.

A new restaurant in Seattle that Martha is raving about?  Check it out over at Citizen Rain.

Everyone's still talking about Whatever, Martha!  Check out what Sassy Pink Boutique things about it...

My Wedding Report shows brides-to-be how even Martha's everyday decor ideas can be used for a wedding.

Enjoy a little Martha flashback over at Zippityd.  Me Love Cookies!


modmom said...

yay for martha + her FLOR carpets!
thank you for the shout out!
i lOVE kevin sharkey too!
i got to do a podcast with him this summer + he was soooooo nice!

Sassy Pink Boutique said...

HA- thanks for the shout out!

At Home with Kim Vallee said...

Thanks a lot for the mention. It gave me the chance to discover your wonderful blog.

To add on your manifesto, Martha pioneered in raising the bar of entertaining at home by reaching an incredible amount of people. Friends say that I am like a quick and easy entertaining Martha.