Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meeting Martha :: The Book Tour

On Tuesday, Martha was in Dallas for a book signing to promote her latest publication, Martha Stewart's Cooking School. When I found out she was coming, I quickly got a ticket ... I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to stand mere inches away from Martha!

I waited dutifully in line outside Sur La Table along with hundreds of other Martha fans. Even the waiting was fun. It's not often you're surrounded by so many Martha lovers. The conversations were filled with recipe talk, decorating ideas, and speculation about seeing this domestic icon.

The book signing was organized and efficient (would you expect anything less?) and the line moved at a nice pace.

Meeting Martha was fantastic. On my personal blog, I likened it to other monumental days in my life (my wedding, the births of my children). Maybe not entirely, but it was great. After all, I've adored Martha since I was a teenager. For mere moments, I stood inches away from her, made eye contact, shared five to ten sentences, and had her undivided attention. I'm sure she would have liked more time with me, but alas, the line had to keep moving.

In person, Martha was delightful. Gracious, friendly, smiling. I know she's selling books and making millions but you would've thought she was the neighbor next door. I'll definitely be in line for the next one!


Amanda said...

Girl, you are so funny! Your Martha obsession is so sweet. I'm so glad you got to meet her in person!

Abbey said...

That is awesome and I'm oh so jealous!!!

I'm also very happy to hear that she was so down to earth!