Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blogging Martha: Linkapalooza

Chickpea Sewing Studio knits up the fingerless mittens featured in this month’s issue of “Living.”

StarLitStudio alters an acorn box from Martha’s line at Michael’s.

Barbara Bakes appropriates one of Martha’s recipes to make cinnadoodle cookies. The comments on this post reflect a common problem I have: None of my local stores stock cinnamon chips!

Dollar Store Crafts suggests using a fleece scarf from a dollar store to make a cute pocket scarf a la “Martha Stewart Kids.” (I’m so excited to have found this site -- I love me some dollar store shopping, especially in this economy!)

For the Love of Cooking makes Martha’s butterscotch chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’ve made these too, and I think that even after her recipe modification, they still seem to have spread too much. When I made them they turned out really cakey and moist rather than thin and crispy. Has anyone else tried this recipe?

The McMommy Chronicles does not agree that using an ice cream scoop to fill cupcake liners is a good thing.

The Good Things blog is already eyeing Martha’s Valentines floral arrangements

Frolic! shares a few of her favorites from the most recent issue of “Weddings.”

What Should We Make Today? looks forward to planting some Martha Stewart seed packets in the spring.

Australian News Agency Blog reports that most overseas magazine’s arrive in the country a month late. That means our friends down under just got their holiday issue of “Living.” I never knew!!

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