Friday, January 23, 2009

Blogging Martha: Linkapalooza

The Onion has a little laugh at Martha’s expense.

Such Pretty Things makes a gorgeous Martha-inspired Valentine’s candy box.

CakeJournal notes that Martha will be among the authors to come out with a cupcake book this year.

My Front Porch demonstrates Martha’s method for pomegranate seed removal.

Inspired Goodness features a baby shower modeled after one covered in “Blueprint.”

A poster on Serious Eats is not impressed with the reheatability of Martha’s macaroni and cheese.

Just Spotted recommends Martha’s big hanging pom-poms as festive Valentine’s party décor.

Vintage Glam is smitten with some floral arrangements featured in the current issue of “Weddings.”

Girlymama tries not to go crazy in the Martha aisle at Michael’s.

Confabulation in the Kitchen makes the blondies with chocolate chips and walnuts recipe from an old issue of “Everyday Food.”

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MarthaandMe said...

I just made Martha's Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes - yummy.