Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting Crafty

Even though I usually write about food here, I spent the past three days at my very first Craft & Hobby Association trade show, so as you can imagine, my mind is elsewhere. I attended the show for one of my public relations clients, but that doesn't mean I didn't decopatch a picture frame or peruse knitting patterns in my spare time.
As much as I enjoyed the CHA show and as motivated as I am now to make a beeline for the nearest Michael's to stock up on everything I need to craft myself silly there was one element missing from the show: Martha. No one does crafts like the domestic diva herself, so I thought I'd catch myself up on what she's been making these days and found a few favorites that I'd like to try.

Felt Frame Covers: For an updated look to your photo collection, try outfitting the frames in these cozy felt liners. They'll make any photo feel right at home on your mantel.

Wire Organizer: If you're like me and can never keep all of your photos, reciepts and to-do lists in the same place, a handy wall organizer will help keep the moving parts of your life straight so you can focus on everything else.

Traditional Mittens: I learned to knit last year and though I've mastered scarves, hats and shawls I've yet to knit gloves or mittens. This simple pattern is great for the advanced beginner or intermediate knitter who wants to add to her collection of winter wear.

What are your favorite Martha crafts?

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