Thursday, July 5, 2007

Martha Stewart Pie Prowess

With berry season in full swing, and stone fruits right behind, time is ripe for baking up some pies. Martha Stewart is coming to the rescue with a handy dandy little pie chart that you can print right here. Directions below. Happy baking!

Pie Chart How-To
This handy gadget makes choosing a pie filling as easy as...what else? Turn the top disk to reveal recipes for five fruit fillings. Pick one to bake with your favorite 9-inch piecrust. Download and print the piecrust and pie tin onto white card stock. Cut out each disk. Cut along the dotted lines on the piecrust, removing the "slice" and the small box that reveals the baking instructions. Laminate the disks, if desired. Stack the disks; fasten with a brad through the X marks.

Photo from Martha Stewart's site.


Abby said...

Oh my GOSH I did not know about this blog! I am in LOVE with Martha and always have been. Daddy calls me Mini Martha. Yay for finding you guys!

Cate said...

Glad you found us!