Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Martha Blog: Up Close & Personal

Check out Martha’s new blog! Martha shares details of her daily life, including wonderful photos, on a regular basis. Today’s post is all about a weekend she and guests spent recently in Maine. It was for a series of photo shoots, but from the pictures, it appears that there were many good times as well, including lots of wonderful scenery shots, and some of her dogs just being dogs.

There’s also a look into her Bedford kitchen (want to know what Martha keeps next to her stove? Check out the picture), and a shot of some chicks she received in early September from Murray McMurray Hatchery in Iowa.

Something you’ll notice if you look down to the posting dated October 22, 2007 is that Martha recently underwent hip replacement surgery. She details her diagnosis, and talks about her experience with her surgeon. It sounds like Martha faced this ordeal with her usual spirit!

I know I’ll be bookmarking this blog to check in with Martha on a regular basis!

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