Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Martha Stewart

If you ask me what my favorite holidays are, I can give a quick answer, though not necessarily in order of preference: Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas Eve/Day. But then again, there isn't a holiday I don't love to celebrate, right down to our annual Chinese New Year fete. What can I say? Any excuse to entertain. :)

Considering my love for the color pink, the fact that I adore Valentine's Day should really come as no surprise. Besides the fact that it celebrates love and adoration, the retail market is flooded with all sorts of must-have pink and red things for your home and kitchen. This year, Valentine's Day is going to be particularly special for us, but you'll just have to wait until it gets closer for that scoop.

Martha Stewart is a big fan of holidays too. Although we all know that her favorite holiday is, hands down, Halloween, she's no slouch when it comes to Valentine's Day either. Her newest issue just hit the stands yesterday -- here's what is in store for you:

February 2008 -- Martha Stewart Living’s Special How-To Issue

“I am sure I’m not the only one who has wondered if the way I chop an onion or divide a perennial is the most efficient. Now, our editors and several outside authorities have come to the rescue with 66 techniques everyone needs to know. But as practical as this issue may be, we haven’t forgotten the importance of Valentine’s Day.”
– Michael Boodro, Editor in Chief

How-To: A Special Section
Martha Stewart Living editors share the best way to iron a shirt, chop an onion, brighten whites, and handle more than 15 other everyday tasks expertly (p. 61).

Treasured Chests
Create these easy-to-make containers by following the step-by-step instructions provided (p.162). Label templates and further ideas and details can also be found at marthastewart.com/jewelry-boxes.

Valentine’s Day
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with elegant but simple menus for two (p. 74) including beef wellington tarts and white-chocolate semifreddo express heartfelt sentiments with felt fortune cookies, Good Things (p. 48) plus many more clever ideas.

Fresh Thinking
Discover innovative ways to transform ordinary supermarket bouquets into strikingly unusual floral arrangements (p.130).

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Emmie said...

Hey, quiet interesting blog :) I have some similarity with Martha. Even my favorite is Halloween.