Thursday, January 17, 2008

From Mam-maw to Martha

When you get married, both halves usually bring lots of “stuff” to a household. Unfortunately, both my husband and I brought horrible kitchenware that was handed down to us from our grandmothers. And in those years since, we have not replaced one single item.

But with all of the possibilities that Martha offers in her Macy’s collection, I think it’s time to pull out the credit card and do a little upgrading.

(By the way, I can't believe I'm sharing these awful pictures from my kitchen. I am so embarrassed.)

*Mixing bowls in such bad shape, they’ve been relegated to storing grain and pasta.

Bad BowlsBeautiful Bowls copy

*Cookie trays so old their coating is coming off.

Terrible TraysCookie Sheets with Silicone Mats copy

*Mis-matched glasses…including some mason jars.

Gawdy GlassesFluted All-Purpose copy

*Old Martha plates…only a few left from the set.

Old MarthaMontmartre Whiteware copy

*Utensils that are melted, rusty, and just plain ugly.

Ugly UtensilsUtinsels copy

*And, just for fun...because I really want these:

Cake Stands

*images from, Martha Stewart Collection


Cate said...

Her new stuff is like such a breath of fresh air, especially that aqua color. Quit tempting me!! First the magazine... ;)

Abbey said...

I know! It was killing me to look at the Macy's website...I want ALL of it!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I'm ready to go shopping!

SimplePleasures said...

i want those cake stand!!!!!!

Megan said...

Gee, your old stuff looks pretty familar.
Oh No, Thats my stuff!
I'll grab the car keys.