Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Perfect Union!

It's pretty clear that I love Martha Stewart and everything that she creates. But do you know what else I love? Costco! My family teases that anytime I am regaling them with my newest purchase, it always starts, "Guess what I just found at Costco!?"

So I could not have been happier than when I opened my mailbox today, pulled out The Costco Connection and found Martha as their cover girl! Inside, she praises the large warehouse store stating, "The Costco member is me...someone who appreciates quality, who is attracted to the range of products, yet is frugal." Which makes her partnership with them seem like an obvious choice.

Last December, she came out with The Kirkland Signature Martha Stewart Favorite Holiday Ham. This is no ordinary ham! Even though the yummy Christmas dinner was sold by CostCo, it certainly didn't mean that the special Martha Touch wasn't used.

The Kirkland Signature Martha Stewart Favorite Holiday Ham reflects the quality control and attention to detail at each stop that is the hallmark of both companies.

The Recipe "The inspiration came from a ham that I've been eating since I was a little child," Martha tells The Connection on the day the ham is introduced on The Martha Stewart Show.

The Ingredients While most hogs are fed a diet that includes antibiotics to promote growth and prevent illness, the hogs for the [ham] are raised only on natural foods without antibiotics. "We wanted pigs that were raised on good food, ones that would appeal to the Costco Shopper and us," Stewart says.

The Curing Each artisanal ham is rubbed with a salt and spice mixture, cured for three to five days (an overnight process for most hams) and then slightly smoked over applewood chips for 12-14 hours. This longer preparation time adds a subtle smoky flavor without drying out the meat.

The Packaging Weighing in at 7 to 10 pounds, the ham comes packed in a decorative cloth bag that can be reused after washing. Cooking and carving instructions are included along with recipes for two glazes and split pea soup.

The Cooking Although fully cooked, the bone-in ham can be reheated according to Stewart's instructions [included]. The ham serves 10, and leftovers can be used in myriad ways...
-from The Costco Connection March 2008 Vol 23 No 3
And, thankfully, with Easter just around the corner, the ham is back! Check your local Costco during the month of March to find your Kirkland Signature Martha Stewart Favorite Holiday Ham.

And coming soon...Martha will be bringing home more than just the bacon for Costco. Keep an eye out for a line of soups and party foods.

Now it's even easier to be like Martha Stewart!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, that is the final straw. I'm canceling my membership to Sam's Club and I'm switching to Costco! :)