Monday, February 25, 2008

New Blog: Dinner Tonight from Everyday Food is really using the blog concept to a great advantage. In addition to Martha's own blog about her personal life, which is always fascinating to read, they've added the Body + Soul challenge blog, and now Dinner Tonight from Everyday Food.

Dinner Tonight offers an entree suggestion from Everyday Food (recipes available online), along with information on prep and cooking times, and serving suggestions to make a complete, interesting meal. Tonight's recommendation is Easy Paella, loaded with shrimp and sausage, but ready in under an hour.

There's also a link to sign up for a daily dinner idea via email. Never again be at a loss for something quick and easy to make for dinner--the folks from Everyday Food are ready to help! I love Everyday Food and have been a subscriber since issue #1 (50 issues ago!). Every month I go through and flag all the recipes I want to try. I have so many flagged now, I need start working my way through them. I love the way they incorporate seasonal produce into the recipes, so that meals are always as fresh as they can be.
And of course, it's more than just dinner. Lunch box ideas, snacks, desserts--Everyday Food covers it all. But because the question of what to have for dinner can be so pressing, I predict this new blog is going to be a great resource. I can check the idea while I'm at work, figure out if I need anything at the store on the way home, and be ready to cook when I walk in the door. Perfect!

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