Friday, May 30, 2008

Blogging Martha: Linkapalooza!

The Oregonian gives Martha Stewart Vintage wine two stars.

Martha likes Sony’s new flat screens.

The Blah, Blah, Blah Blog keeps it real while trying out an angel food cake recipe that Martha recently featured on TV.

Craft Critique reviews the Martha Stewart Crafts screw punch.

The Good Things blog found that same craft punch in Martha’s signature green!

A bride-to-be makes Martha-inspired mini wedding cake favors.

Kalofagas tries out a pasta dish recently featured on Martha’s TV show.

Paper Palate reviews “Cookies.”

Kawaiikiki “veganizes” the lime meltaways featured in “Cookies.”

My Mélange adapts a Martha recipe for French potato salad.

Do you have a Martha link to add? If so, please drop it in a comment!


Nasreen said...

Thanks for including my Lime Meltaways! How did you stumble upon them?

*Nasreen (aka Kawaiikiki)

claudinehk said...

Thanks for the link! and thankfully the Oregonian published that article so I could finally find the Martha wine....