Thursday, May 29, 2008

Martha Kids :: Ice Cream Fun

I love one of the Good Things in the June issue of Martha Stewart Living: scoops on a stick.

I tried this idea today and these scoops will definitely become a regular around our house. Very simple with a huge cute factor.

Take a scoop of ice cream (any flavor will work although I used vanilla), stick a wooden spoon into the scoop, freeze them until they're hardened, and then roll in various sprinkles. Mine weren't as beautiful as Martha's (I think the sprinkles would stick better if you allowed them to soften slightly once they were removed from the freezer) but they got a thumbs up rating on taste.

I love the versatility of this idea. These simple scoops could be adapted for any occasion. Roll them in toasted coconut or mini chocolate chips for grown-up tastes, roll them in crushed candy canes at Christmas, or decorate them to coordinate with the theme at a child's party: shaped sprinkles such as dinosaurs, fish or hearts, or colored sugar or nonpareils to match the decorations. It's the perfect make-ahead for a gathering.

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London said...

These are so cute and I love your ideas to mix it up depending on occassion. In the central valley of CA it can get real hot in the summers. This will be great for weekend BBQ cool down treats.