Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Craft of the Week :: Cup-and-Saucer Compote

Cup and Saucer Compote has been on my craft to-do list forever. I originally found it in Martha's Good Things from Tag Sales & Flea Markets - and who doesn't have a million random tea cups from flea market adventures? No? Just me?

Well, it doesn't have to be just tea cups and can be random pieces that you have sitting around the house. For me it's an old mint julep cup from Louisville Stoneware and a saucer that, I think, came from my grandmother's kitchen.

The best thing about this is So Easy! Roll eight to ten 3/16- inch balls of soft wax or adhesive putty. Place around the base of upturned cup. Center saucer; press firmly into the wax and voila! You are Finished! That's It! And now you have adorable serving pieces for your next party.

Cup and Saucer Cup and Saucer


Randi said...

That's one of my favorites ... it's great with candlestick holders and plates too. So many fun combinations.

Cate said...

How adorable is that?!

Amy said...

I have also seen beautiful ones with vases as bases too. Just so handy to have for parties and entertaining. Love it!