Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are we there yet?

We are road trip people, even now, with the price of Gas soaring.
I can't explain it. My husband used to fly constantly for work, and grew not to mind it as much. Me, however, I can't stand it. It's not a fear thing as much as a boredom/cooped up thing.
Our daughter is exactly the same way...
She loves the windows, the stops, to odd touristy things and the extra special pit-stops where we feel like we've stumbled upon some wonderful secret which no one else knows exists.

The Martha Stewart website has a basic recipe for this. It's a travel kit for your kids.
Honestly, I can't remember where we first got the idea, all I know is it is a miracle worker! We started a kit when our daughter was 4, and over the years it's changed quite dramatically. We've gone from Color Wonder to a diary and pen. Her container changes, as she ages, and the kit itself has not only become a boredom pleaser, but a cherished childhood treasure...

As we near July 4th, and families across the country hit the road, this would be a great time to pull out a container with markers, stickers and other supplies and give their imagination a ticket to come along on the family's journey!

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