Friday, July 18, 2008

Blogging Martha: Linkapalooza!

Cute Overload features Martha’s potential new puppies. Too cute!

Mom Advice tries out a sponge ball craft from Martha Stewart Kids.

Little Momma and Company make the coconut pineapple loaf cake from the most recent issue of Everyday Food.

White Trash Mom has a laugh over Martha’s blog post on manicuring her driveway.

Condé Nast Portfolio features an interview with former MSLO CEO Susan Lyne.

iStockAnalyst examines MSLO’s current revenue-generating strategies.

TipNut highlights a tip from Martha on jewelry organization.

SnagWireMedia includes a Martha recipe in its article on vodka cocktails for summer.

Chic Stories recommends a Martha arrangement from as the perfect summer gift.

Kate at The Writers Plot channels Martha’s catering efforts.

Do you have a Martha link to add? If so, please drop it in a comment!

*Image from The Martha Blog


Amy said...

Thank you so much for the link!!

Tipnut said...

Oh my, what a fun site all about Martha! Thanks for the link to Tipnut, I also have this write-up summary from her very first issue of Martha Stewart Living (including a pic of the cover):

Homekeeping - A Natural Shine To Cleaning (Recipes)

I know there must be some around here that collected all her mags for years! ;)