Friday, July 25, 2008

Blogging Martha: Linkapalooza

urlesque recognizes Martha's blogging prowess!  Martha knows a Good Thing when she sees it...even at the DMV.

Third Life helps her far-away, bride-to-be sister by channeling Martha and taking care of the wedding favors.  Cute Soaps!!

Sweet Mystery of Life at Last I've Found You!  Everything Turquoise lets us in on the beautiful music that KitchenAid and Martha are making together.  Is there anything better than Martha's turquoise meeting up with the much coveted KitchenAid Mixer??  It's like all my dreams have come true!!  (And btw, it's on sale right now!!  My husband was NOT happy to hear that. hee hee hee)

Follow Mom~E~Centric every week as she and her friends ask, "What Would Martha Do?" 

Teague's Note to Self enjoys Martha's sense of humor as she makes cookies with none other than the Cookie Monster himself.  I'm pretty jealous!

Photographer Melissa Musgrove mingles with Martha's people when they designed and published one of her client's weddings.  The pictures are fantastic!

Shelterrific suggests Martha's paint choices when choosing colors for your own home. 

Take a glimpse into the life of a Martha Stewart intern with SPD Student Outreach...I was really excited to see they let him jump right in instead of giving him the jobs that no one else wants (like most of the internships I've ever had!)

Barbara Bakes a Surprise from Martha Stewart...  I think I've ruined my computer from all the drool.  I am CRAVING those cookies now...

The Original Martha Stewart???  The Errant Aesthete seems to think that Tasha Tudor was the 19th Century's Martha.  Could this be??

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