Thursday, July 24, 2008

Martha Kids :: Clay Crafts

Summer is in full swing and now that the initial joy of being out of school is over, it starts getting a bit harder to entertain the kids. The Martha Stewart website is a great place to find some fresh ideas.
My four kids spent at least an hour today making Martha's Clay Crafts. Torn from a 2004 issue of the much-missed Martha Stewart Kids, this seemed like a great craft easily adapted for all ages. The little ones muddled their clay together and stuck it with random toothpicks but my older kids had a great time experimenting with Martha's suggested techniques and projects.

They made heart pendants, buttons (I can't wait to find something to embellish with these cute clay buttons), and modified thumbtacks and paper clips.

The polymer clay is inexpensive and can be found at any craft store ... but be sure to buy the type that hardens in the oven in order to preserve these colorful creations. Let the summer crafting begin!

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Amanda said...

Very cute! The paperclips would make fun bookmarks. Thanks for the tip!