Friday, October 10, 2008

Blogging Martha: Linkapalooza

Perez Hilton thinks the Obama party needs Martha's help in their plane. Stinky!

Art Deco inspired furniture from Martha?? Sign me up! Martha Moments tells us all about the new Rosebridge Collection with Bernhardt Furniture.

Mellow Martha? Resurrecting Critique looks for the reasons why...

Talk about scary costumes! Serious Eats give us a peek at some creepy baby costumes from Martha's show.

Not everyone is loving "Whatever, Martha!" Do you agree with Be Your Best?

A Vintage Dream encourages you to GET MARTHA TICKETS! It's well worth it!!

Life in the Cove just got a little prettier with some Martha Stewart Bouquets!

Apartment Therapy loves Martha's easy decorating ideas. Well, who wouldn't??

Another Side of Nick Schmidt thinks Martha may not love the Muppets as much as we all thought...

Lucky Liz Banfield shoots for Martha Weddings! I am oh so jealous!!

More link love to add? Leave them in the comments!


We Are Not Martha said...

I'm iffy about Whatever Martha. I think parts of it are hilarious but Alexis kind of annoys me. Anything with Martha is OK by me though :)

And I love those flowers on Life in the Cove's blog!!


Cate said...

Love that picture - so serene.