Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Body + Soul :: Shiitake Fried Rice

With four kids, I'm always looking for high impact foods - recipes that are full of nutrients even if the toddlers only take a few bites.

The October 2008 issue of Body + Soul contained an article entitled Power Foods: Shiitake Mushrooms. One of the recipes, Shiitake Fried Rice, sounded easy and delicious. Add an eggroll and you've got a quick weeknight dish. I was especially impressed with the health benefits of shiitake mushrooms. Full of fiber and protein as well as some iron, potassium, and zinc, shiitake mushrooms boost immunity and have anti-cancer properties. Unfortunately for my family, our local grocery store was out of shiitake mushrooms and we replaced them with cremini mushrooms. I'm telling myself most of those same great properties exist in the cremini.

I followed the recipe (found here) closely, although as I mentioned, I substituted a different type of mushroom. I also cut back on the amount of lime juice. A citrus flavor in my fried rice didn't appeal and a hint of lime was just right.

My kids said it was as good or better than one of their favorite fast food Chinese restaurants. Martha may not enjoy their rating but that's high praise in the school crowd. We'll add this recipe to the keeper file.

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Amanda said...

Yummy! That looks so delicious! Wish I would have read about it before my Wednesday trip to Sprouts. Perhaps a quick mushroom run is in order for tomorrow.