Monday, January 12, 2009

Mad About Charlyne

We all know and love Martha, but what some of us might not know is that Martha Stewart spends each and every day surrounded by creative, talented people who have contributed to the empire that she’s built.

At Mad About Martha, we’re taking you behind the scenes at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia to introduce you to some the finest minds in style, fashion and food.
Those of you who subscribe to Everyday Food know how convenient it is to have a one-stop resource for great recipes - from the weekly family dinner, to date night, to cooking for one. Everyday Food offers an index of recipes for all occasions and incorporates simple, fresh ingredients that anyone would love, whether you're an experienced chef or a novice home cook.

Today, we're introducing Charlyne Mattox, Senior Associate Food Editor, Everyday Food, whose love for the kitchen is evident not only through the amazing recipes that she writes and tests for her readers every day, but through her passion for cooking that she shares with her colleagues and readers. When she's not whipping up delicious Mexican dishes, Charlyne is hard at work learning about food and new cooking techniques - and will try just about anything in the kitchen, as long as you don't ask her to do the dishes!

Q: Charlyne, you must have such an exciting job. What's a typical day in the office like for you?
A: I arrive at the office, check e-mail, then get cooking! I typicall cook for about 5-6 hours per day. Other time is spend editing recipes, brainstorming recipes and story ideas and responding to reader queries.

Q. What's the best editorial assignment you've worked on at EDF?
A. I really loved developing the dark chocolate dessert story for the October 2008 issue. Besides loving chocolate, it was a real challenge and great learning experience.

Q. What's your favorite part about your job?
A. Cooking of course! I love to learn about food, from flavor combinations to new cooking techniques. And of course, I love eating.

Q. What is your favorite "Dinner Tonight" recipe?
A. I really enjoy the Provencal Chicken with Vegetables from the December 2008 issue. Roasted carrots are one of my favorites and mixed with tangy olives, it’s a perfect combination.

Q. Have you always wanted to work in the food/beverage industry?
A. Yes, I have. My mom encouraged my interest in cooking from a very young age. And when I got older it was perfect – I cooked while my sister did the dishes (which I loathe).

Q. How did you begin your career in publishing/food and beverage?

A. While working in the crafts department at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, I went to cooking school on the weekends. Luckily, shortly after graduation, there was an opening at Everyday Food that I was able to fill.

Q. What is your favorite dish to cook?
A. Tacos – any filling or topping. I love them all!

Q. What is the best recipe you've ever discovered working with EDF?
A. The Avocado Salad from the September 2006 issue is one of my favorites. The balance is perfect and it goes along with my love of Mexican food.

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