Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summery Sandals

The summer weather is definitely here in California, so I was excited to break out my customized Dr. Scholl's this weekend!

I painted them last summer after watching this segment on "Martha." They were really easy to make and I get lots of compliments on them. Plus, they're super-comfortable.

I had a hard time finding the plain Dr. Scholl's in any local stores, so I ended up ordering them online here.

If anyone else has made these, I'd love to hear what color combos/patterns you came up with!


Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

I love those - I'll definitely have to make some!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Martha, I LOVE your summer sandals (which I will be buying and painting my own, since I live in Sunny South Florida and I only wear those kinds of footwear whenever possible. Thanks for having this great blog. I will be adding your link to my favorite blogs!

Amy said...

Awesome idea! I actually have three pairs of these sandals (red, pink, and black) and I got them all at the thrift store. My mom wore these when I was a kid and I have a certain fondness for them.

I can't wait to try this craft! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Adorable stuff.. Those sandals are really very comfy and trendy. Those are perfect for summer.

annemarievanl said...

Hi Ashley
I'm a great fan of scholl sandals too but you can't get them anymore here in Holland, Europe.

Do you have more photos of your painted Scholls so that I can see the details and teh footbed?(By the way the buckle of the painted scholls is not properly closed!)

Look forward to your answer

Kind regards

Annemarie van Loenen

Ashley said...

Hi there --

For anyone who is still checking in here, you can get a detailed tutorial of how to paint the stripes by clicking on the link to Martha's site that I provided in the initial post. Once you're there, click the "Watch Video" link, which is imbedded on the picture of Martha's sandals.

And OOOPS! Guess my buckle slipped a little bit when I took the photo.