Thursday, July 19, 2007

Time-Saving Clip-Art from Martha Stewart

I'm all for anything that saves me time, and luckily, so is Martha Stewart. She recently released a few things that will save us all a bit of time in the kitchen, and that's definitely something I can get behind.

Check out her new clip-art projects:
>Decorative Jam Labels
>Handy Kitchen Charts
>Practical Pie Chart
>Keepsake Recipe Cards
>Convenient Freezer Labels
>Pretty Spice Displays
>Quick Napkin Crafts
>Fun Lunch-Bag Tags

Photo from Martha Stewart.


Almost Vegetarian said...

This woman can organize like no one else I know. Anyone that can organize her footsteps is an equal force to be reckoned with.


SimplePleasures said...

I'm a huge Martha Stewart fan too! Thank you for posting these links I've downloaded quite a few of them

Everything4sweets said...

Martha Stewart is so creative, I always watch her show on tv.

Kelly Mahoney said...

I love having premade labels. It's so easy to make things look classy.