Friday, June 20, 2008

Blogging Martha: Linkapalooza

Who knew Chevy and Martha were such good friends?!

Martha's former CEO may be taking on another media giant: Oprah.

The UK needs to show Martha some love!

The Guardian of Gimcracks wants to be just like Martha, too! But, really, who doesn't??

Tasting Spoons tests out Peanut Butter Cookies from Martha Stewart's Cookies with her granddaughter, Taylor. So Cute!

Kelly at Weddings by Socialites uses MS Weddings to inspire...a baby shower!

AuburnChick is afraid she'd offend Martha...with yarn.

Start 'em young! Martha would be so proud of her young protégé over at The Naefs.

The edge punch makes all the difference in Create With Me's card for a new bundle of joy!

Who wouldn't you want to marry Martha?

*image from Martha's blog

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