Friday, September 26, 2008

Blogging Martha: Linkapalooza

TreoCentral lets us in on the coupling of the new SnapTell & MS Weddings

Making Fun of Martha?  Totally okay in the eyes of MamaPop

Martha Stewart as Cupid?  Who Knew?!  Josh Turner and his Band, Maybe.  Read all about it over at The Boot

Got Questions?  Ask Martha over at

The Pink Book Blog shares their experience visiting The Martha Stewart Show  (And make sure to check out our own ladies from MAM and the fun time they had at the MS Show!)

Catherine Holman Folk Art let me in on this little secret:  Martha Stewart is featuring blogs on HER BLOG!  And if you leave her a comment and a link to your blog, she may feature you.  I have, of course, already submitted my own personal blog and this one!!

Broken Yolks respects Martha...because she knows that Martha is only human.  And that's a Good Thing!

Martha's Blog Show showed off a fabulous blog and book, and Paper Press Blog gives us a sneak peek of A Year of Mornings by the lovely ladies at 3191.

New York Magazine asks the question, "How Did Martha Stewart End Up with Howard Stern's Baby?"

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