Friday, March 20, 2009

Blogging Martha: Linkapalooza

TMZ reports that Martha isn’t coping with her puppy’s recent passing.

Jordan Ferney is impressed by some of Martha’s new stuff at Macy’s.

SippitySup makes a sautéed tilapia recipe featured in “Living.”

Just Baking loves Martha’s apple-cinnamon bundt cake recipe.

Rock ’n Roll Bride showcases a wedding decorated with Martha’s pom-poms.

Lion Brand Yarn writes about its upcoming appearance on Martha’s show.

sweet fine day says that its marshmallow favor creations will be included in an upcoming issue of “Weddings.”

Cheapskate Mom is excited that Martha uses Seventh Generation’s dishwashing soap.

Bliss Tree likes the free apron pattern offered on Martha’s site.

In the Sink News uses some Martha Stewart Crafts supplies to make adorable paper baskets.

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